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Our commercial store is in the Industrial estate Ca Na Palava, next to the restaurant El Pato.

In the highway that unites Ibiza direction of Santa Eulalia, once passed Ca Na Negreta, it takes the deflection to the left towards Santa Getrudis and the 200 meters the by hand left will see the restaurant and will be able to see our shop.

Carretera San Miguel km 0,2 · Polígono Industrial Cana Palava · 07819 Jesús · Ibiza
Tel: 971 916 356 · Fax: 971 316 737
E-mail: apagafoc@apagafoc.com · sima@apagafoc.com

apagafoc@apagafoc.com 971 316 356 971 316 737

Contact with us, our technical department will give the best solution against fires to your necessities.