Real Fire (Training)


APAGAFOC in their policy on watch to the clients offers a new service for the formation and the training of the personnel in emergency situations.

We organized maneuverses with fire for the handling of extinguishers and other elements against fires, in accordance with the characteristics of each client.
We have acquired a trainer who allows to try the use of each extinguisher, so that its personnel knows the way correct to hold it, to point and to use it.

This trainer is able to recreate, in environment totally controlled, fires of combustible materials and a small fire of spill (like for example, painting, gasoline or other incendiary fuels).

  • Accredited, surely and of reduced dimensions
  • Ecological: He does not emit polluting gases
  • He does not need to handle solid propellants or liquid. He does not need electrical connection
  • Great fire of class B and class to by means of the vertical panel
  • The size of flame can be controlled, allows to prove all the types of extinguishers

In the forced establishments to have and to implant a Plan of Self-protection, Decree 8/2004 BOIB, Apagafoc offers a customized range of services to its clients. 971 316 356 971 316 737

Contact with us, our technical department will give the best solution against fires to your necessities.