Turistic houses


The tourist houses usually are in hardly accessible zones for the trucks of firemen, often surrounded by forest zone. In addition other little resistant materials are constructed of wood and to the fire. In some cases the electrical systems, of the kitchen, can have many years. The clients who rent these houses, at the outset can not know the handling of these facilities. For that reason it is recommended to have means of suitable detection and extinction.

APAGAFOC has all necessary means against fires, we described them next:


The new aaccreditation to commercialize houses like tourist stays, forces to have extinguishers with the updated scheduled inspection and properly signalized.

They must settle with the criteria of its specific regulation, that we summarized:

  • To locate itself where they are easily visible and accessible, near the points with greater probability of beginning a fire (it cooks, chimney, barbecue, engine room)
  • If possible near the hung exits and so that the superior part at the most 1.70 meters of height have left
  • How many extinguishing is due to put? It depends on each house, the norm says that a client will at the most cross 15 meters until the extinguisher closest. Each plant would have to arrange 1 at least.
  • Will be adapted to the type of fire:
    • Type CO2 (2 kg): electrical pictures, electronic computers and components
    • ABC Dust (6 kg): in the rest of cases


Also in the accreditation it is valued to have emergency lights, but it is not obligatory. It is recommended, in special near the stairs, because them house is in countryside where in summer, sometimes take place interruptions of the electrical provision or can jump the switch by diverse causes (starting of great machines, short circuits.).


The accreditation only forces to put upon each extinguisher a fotoluminiscente signal of 21×21 cm. Is recommendable to signalize to the clients the electrical picture, the zones where it is not due to smoke (butane presence or other fuel tanks), doors of exit of the house, zones where they do not have to accede, etc.


To the houses we have individual detectors of smoke to batteries, easily installable, that they emit pitido when detecting a smoke. It is recommended to install at least in dormitories. They detect a fire in its initial phase, when the fire can be extinguished with an extinguisher.


In order to choke the flames and to avoid that these pledge in the people or objects and to extinguish the fire on the clothes. It is recommended near chimneys. In case of fire the blanket is extracted easily of its cover, once unfolded they serve as handles to use the blanket as shield when approaching the fire and protecting the hands when depositing it on the flames.


The Balearic Gobern has elaborated a manual in 6 languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French and Italian) that include instructions in case of fire.

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Contact with us, our technical department will give the best solution against fires to your necessities.