Emergency plans

Our technical department is specialized in the writing and implantation of Emergency an dSelf-protection plans, for any doubt we are to your disposition: ingenieria@apagafoc.com.

To the implantation of the plans we have diverse material, among them a trainer to make practices with fire extinguishers and ecological real fire.


Balearic law 8/2004 forces to have an emergency plan of Self-protection to the following establishments:

  • Hotels of more than 30 units of lodging
  • Activities of education for children (whatever it is his gauging): day-care center, primary education and special education.
  • Defined industrial activities as dangerous: making explosions, handling of toxic materials, that emit ionizing radiations. Airports, ports, tunnels of high length
  • With gauging superior to 100 people: Cinemas, theaters, pubs, coffee-concert, fairs, sanitary academies of dance, activities without hospitalization, social services without lodging.
  • With gauging superior to 250 people: Regional Bingos, Rooms of game, casinos, gymnasiums, billiards, boleras, houses, secondary and superior training centers, spectacles and recreational activities in establishments of another habitual use.
  • With gauging superior to 500 people: Commerce, department store, restaurants, bars, coffee-shops, pizzerías, fast-food shop and similars, libraries, archives, museums, exhibition halls, stages, polideportivos, aquatic grounds, basketball, tennis, velodromes, race courses, parks, in general any establishment of recreational activity and public concurrence.

In other specific regulations, some additional cases take shelter. If you have any doubt our technical department will solve it.


According to it establishes the Balearic decree, it must be written up by a competent, engineer technician or architect, registered in the registry of technical editors of emergency plans of self-protection of the Balearic Gobern. The plans once elaborated must be chequed by the professional school of Balearic.

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Contact with us, our technical department will give the best solution against fires to your necessities.