Systems against fire

  • Extinguishing

    Dust, CO2, hydric, automatic. Ample range of effectivenesses and sizes

  • Emergency lighting

    All type of signaling against fires and other risks

  • Automatic detection

    analogical and conventional systems, detectors of smoke and thermal, inner and outer fire Power stations, pulsers, sirens, programming of automatism.

  • Systems of extinction by water

    Equipped fire mouths, groups of pressure against fires, splinkers, systems of flood by fog water or gas, hidrantes, takings of facade “Exclusive Use for Firemen”

  • Doors fire-resistant

    great variety of dimensions, textures and degrees of resistance to the fire. We emphasized the doors accredited for “GESA”

  • Material for emergency equipment

    independent equipment of breathing, non-flammable masks, blankets.

  • Solutions of passive security

    plates of fibrosilicato, projected mortar, expandibles foam, together intumescentes, transparent crystals, sealed of hollows.

  • Plans of Self-protection and emergency

    elaboration and implantation, formation, practices with real fire, maneuverses with smoke machine. 971 316 356 971 316 737

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